Beautiful music, unique digital content, exclusive digital art, high class mobile content of diversity for a global community.

Our mission is to bring stunning and totally compelling 21st Century art, music and visual media to all who seek it.

CHI-QI content is guaranteed to be inoffensive to all cultures, yet beautiful and resonant. It is sensitive to all ethnicities,
yet powerful and utterly contemporary.

We are specialists in artist management, digital and mobile distribution, marketing & promotion, production and live events.

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CHI-QI support STARO (Save the Amazon Rainforest Organisation).

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The Saatchi Gallery

CHI-QI represents community, harmony, integrity, respect, culture, style, diversity and beauty. Our content is created by musicians, music producers, visual producers, photographers, fine and digital artists, of rare talent and excellence. Registered on March 2nd 2004, CHI-QI has spent over three years in research, development, preparation and presentation, so our audience can be accorded mobile and digital content of excellence, representing artists and producers worldwide, to a global community.

Our unique art and music can be viewed and heard by children and adults from all cultures and creeds. Fully inclusive and with consideration for the diversity and sensitivity of our international community, CHI-QI is the global leader in presentation, production and distribution of mobile/digital style, designer content, digital art, mobile music and MP3 downloads for an enlightened and educated, 21st century, new age and new wave audience.