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are showcasing unique 21st Century World Music, featuring high quality UK & Ibiza electronic dance, house and trance, with Eastern, Asian and African rhythms, together with Global Chill, incorporating female vocalists, instrumental, ambient, deep chill and meditation. CHI-QI also offer roots reggae from Cape Town, dub reggae & reggae jazz from London - creating global sounds for world citizens.

CHI-QI are digital music, digital art, photography, video and short film distributors - digitally to computers and via WAP function to mobiles. Fine art and photography is also reproduced digitally formobile wallpaper backgrounds, screensavers and photo quality prints. CHI-QI only distributes highest quality, exclusive, art inspired content and music.

CHI-QI presents music for global citizens, digitally and mobile. Sensitive meditation and deep chill, moving into ambient, acoustic and chill out, through reggae, progressive and experimental, African beats, Asian dance, global house music, international trance, psy-trance and world dance music - Sensitive, powerful, beautiful, intelligent, memorable and Spiritual.

CHI-QI aggregates, produces, presents, promotes, markets and distributes 21st century art and contemporary artwork of sensitivity, creativity, intelligence and cosmic design. Art inspired wallpapers for mobile phones, screensavers for computers, digital photo-quality art prints and music videos, fine animation, 3D and photography, will create audio visual and digital environments for mobile and computer.

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CHI-QI produce global dance and world chill out digital music for Mobile MP3 Downloads, animated music videos, real music truetones, ringtones and video ringtones.

As a digital record company we also have live acts playing festivals, clubs and live events.

CHI-QI specialise in New Age, 21st Century mobile content, digital art, graphics, artpapers, mobile phone wallpapers and other visual content. We also produce stunning visuals for live events, club nights and festivals.

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